Morrisons is revamping its pre-packed cheese fixture to make it easier to shop - and to boost sales of own label.

The changes - which include a new layout, signage, ranging and packaging - come in the wake of consumer research last year that revealed shoppers found the category “difficult to shop”.

Morrisons is reorganising its fixture according to usage, creating different sections for cooking, snacking, speciality, grated & sliced and block cheese. Shelf-ready packaging will also be introduced.

Morrisons is also adding a flavour scale - already being used to communicate the strength of cheeses sold on its deli counters - to its pre-pack ranges.

“It’s a category that can be quite intimidating - hopefully the guide will give shoppers more confidence,” said buying manager, cheese and juice, Thomas Newcombe.

The number of SKUs in the category has been reduced by around 10%, to 360, but within that figure, some new products - such as own-label Comte, which Morrisons did not previously sell in pre-pack form - have been added.

Own-label products had also been benchmarked against competitor offerings, and were “at least the same quality and in some cases better”, added Newcombe.

Morrisons ultimately hoped to sell more own-label cheese, but he denied shoppers would have to pay more as a result of the changes.

New products will start rolling out into stores this weekend, and Morrisons expects the relaunch to be completed by mid-October.