The Simpsons family is set to boost its presence in the dairy aisles with the launch of another range of Simpsons-branded cheeses aimed at kids.

Norseland, owned by Norwegian dairy Tine, has secured a licensing deal with Fox Consumer Products to roll out The Simpsons Cheese Chuckles - nets of five 20g cheese portions - to 320 Asda stores from 21 April, priced at £1.28.

The company - best known for owning the Jarlsberg, Applewood and Mexicana brands - is looking to secure further listings in the near future.

The cheeses are made from a blend of Cheddar and Mozzarella, and each portion bears a detachable sticker of one of five members of the Simpsons family - Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

But Chuckles will face competition, including a head-to-head with a Simpsons kids cheese produced by Dairy Partners - Simpsons Swirler String Cheese - which is available in a four-pack and an eight-pack, already listed in Asda.

It will also compete against First Milk’s Dairy Maniacs and Dairy Crest’s Chedds, also listed in Asda.

Norseland, which produces Marmite- and Branston Pickle-flavoured cheeses under licence from Unilever and Premier Foods, said the Simpsons brand was a great fit for a kids cheese product.

“The association with The Simpsons couldn’t be better, and we’re sure it will provide us with a great base upon which we can grow,” said brand and category marketing executive Matt Levett, adding that it was planning a Simpsons sliced cheese to launch later this year.

Carl Lumbard, managing director and senior vice-president of Fox Consumer Products EMEA, said the Norseland deal was a “significant step towards expanding The Simpsons’ food category”.