Pilgrims Choice has taken a leaf out of Cravendale’s book by teaming dairy with the Wild West in a off-the-wall new TV ad.

The ad, which hits TV screens on 10 May, features a 3ft-tall cowboy advising shoppers that not all cheese is of the same quality. When they choose Pilgrims Choice, he congratulates them by saying: “Good choice, Pilgrim.”

The cheese that goes into the Pilgrims Choice brand is not manufactured by Adams Foods but bought in from a range of sources. This has been picked on by rivals as a weakness in the past, but Adams is looking to turn it into a USP. “Pilgrims Choice is the only cheese brand which can choose from the very best cheeses,” the company said.

Consumer research had shown shoppers didn’t know enough about individual brands to make an informed choice, added marketing director Alastair Jackson. “They buy on price or availability rather than sticking to a favourite or choosing by quality.”

The ad will appear across all national TV channels. It is in a similar vein to previous Cravendale ads, which featured plastic characters including a cowboy.