Fresh milkshake brand Shaken Udder is gearing up for a major expansion of its range with a move into bigger bottles and ambient kids’ milk packs.

It has developed a triple-pack of UHT shakes in strawberry, chocolate or banana, which it is currently presenting to supermarkets. The packs would retail at £1.89 for three 180ml cartons and would be targeted at five-to-11-year-olds for use in lunchboxes, on-the-go and at home, said co-founder Jodie Farran.

Each carton contained 28% of a child’s recommended daily amount of calcium, said the company, which recommended freezing them. “They are perfect for keeping the lunchbox cold and then ready to drink for later,” said Farran.

Shaken Udder is also considering launching a new 750ml bottle, and is consulting Facebook users on how much they would be prepared to pay for it. As The Grocer went to press, the options that had attracted the most votes (33%) were £1.79 followed by £2.10 (25%).

To date, the company, which launched in 2004, has sold its shakes only in single 330ml bottles. It trialled plain milk in schools last year, but decided the venture was not financially viable.