Danone is extending its ­bestselling Activia brand into Greek-style yoghurt, with the launch of three new variants this week.

Activia Greek Style (rsp: £2.19 for a pack of four) is a thick and creamy yoghurt, positioned by Danone as a "healthy after-dinner treat" that "won't leave you feeling sluggish". The three variants golden honey, summer berries and juicy lemon started rolling into the major mults at the ­beginning of this week.

Activia senior brand manager Virginie Guise said Danone had launched Activia Greek Style in ­response to consumer demand for "a post-dinner delight bursting with flavour and nutritious goodness".

Danone is running an ­introductory price of £1.50 for a pack of four to encourage trial of the new range. It is also promoting its TLC "online wellness plan" alongside the new range.