Del Monte has begun its assault on the own-label dominated frozen fruit sector with the launch of branded frozen lines.

The fruit specialist has developed a premium range under the strapline Only the Freshest Fruit...Frozen, which is being marketed by Dunuo Foods. The products went on sale in Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores last week.

Summer fruit and pineapple punnets have launched with a 25% off promotion in Sainsbury’s, while Tesco launched with a promotion on summer fruits and follows up with forest fruits, pineapple punnets and Fruitini pineapple sticks in April.

Other 320g products in the launch range include mango, raspberries and blueberries, with four further lines following in the summer.

“We’re offering a premium product, picked and harvested at its optimum best and then quickly frozen, locking in all the aroma, flavour, texture and nutrients of the freshest fruit,” said Denuo managing director Chris Wenham. “Our marketing message is simple – this is the freshest fruit frozen.”

He added: “We want to transform the frozen fruit market so that it can compete alongside fresh fruit in terms of quality and variety.”