Diageo is claiming a major innovation in spirits with the launch of single-serve pouches of its bestselling brands.
Sainsbury is carrying out a six-month trial of Pyramix, a collection of nine 30ml serves of Smirnoff, Gordon’s, Archers, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and J& B Scotch whisky in a pyramid-shaped box.
Diageo hopes the concept will encourage consumers to experiment with different mixers and try brands they do not stock regularly at home.
Kim Scott, senior innovation manager, said: “Our consumer research has shown consumers find Pyramix new and exciting. They like the variety of spirits plus the innovative packaging. Evidence we have from tests we’ve done with consumers on Pyramix has told us that most people will keep it in the fridge, rather than in the drinks cupboard, thus bringing spirits more front-of-mind.”
The product includes a leaflet with suggestions about different mixer options.
Sainsbury spirits buyer Melissa Draycott said: “This is an innovative product and I’m very interested to see how consumers will react to it. I expect it to attract customers who are having parties and barbecues over the summer months.”
At an rsp of £6.99 for 270ml of spirits, Pyramix is not a cheap option when compared with a 700ml bottle of Smirnoff.
A rival buyer said it was a “great idea” which would give the category a more premium image. “But you have to hope consumers grasp the social concept of it, and not the price per litre,” he added.
Diageo said innovation to reflect consumers’ changing tastes was pivotal to its growth, with Baileys Glide, Baileys Minis and Archers Aqua Exotic some of its most successful launches.
The launch will be backed with PoS, grocery cart ads and a £1 price reduction in August.
Claire Hu