Doctor Who has replaced Captain Birds Eye on a pack of fish fingers – but the move is only temporary.

Birds Eye designed the packaging – not officially sanctioned by the BBC – to mark the launch of ‘Fish Fingers and Custard Day’ on Wednesday 3 April, as well as the 50th anniversary of the long-running TV series, which falls in November.

As Doctor Who fans will know, fish fingers and custard was sampled by Matt Smith’s Time Lord in his debut episode ‘The Eleventh Hour’, first broadcast on 3 April, 2010.

Only one edition of the Who-branded fish fingers has been produced, and it’s been sent to Matt Smith himself, along with a year’s supply of fish fingers, Birds Eye said.

Although the Doctor has in the past expressed a fondness for breaded fish treats, the most recent episode of the series, broadcast on Saturday, saw the Time Lord nibbling Jammie Dodgers, produced by Burton’s Biscuit Company.