Last week BrewDog stole the headlines with genre-bending 55% abv beer End of the World, the apocalyptic sequel to last year's 32% Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

(We'd ask what they've been drinking to come up with names like those, but there probably isn't a name for it yet.)

It caused the brouhaha you'd expect but not for the booze content as much as the packaging the bottles were stuffed in the bodies of squirrels and stoats.

Soon enough BrewDog said it had sold out not bad considering the price tag of £500 (and the taxidermy).

However, that coup was diluted a tad by the fact that just 12 bottles were made that's a mere four litres, measurement fans. Barely enough to drown a badger.

Equally macabre but even more exclusive is the new offering from famed jellymonger Bompas & Parr. Their new conserve, Occult Jam, is made (in a roundabout way) with the hair of Princess Diana making it royal jelly in the truest sense.

They bought the hair on eBay from a celebrity hair dealer (apparently that's a real job) then infused it in gin, which is later turned to jam (rsp: £5 a pot).

But if you think it's in bad taste, consider this: BrewDog would probably have called it Traffic Jam.