Mars is hoping to reverse a decline in Dolmio sauce sales with a new 100% natural ingredient claim and some squeezy NPD aimed at kids.

Sales of the sauce brand dropped 2.3% to £148.9m last year [Nielsen 52w/e 2 October 2010] and in a bid to restore them to growth, Mars is adding a 100% natural ingredients message to Dolmio's 16-strong bolognese range from this month.

Over the course of 2011, the claim, which it is making as a result of improvements to its harvesting and manufacturing methods, will be extended to the ­entire Dolmio portfolio.

Mars predicted that the new guarantee would provide added reassurance for mums and consumers who would normally preferred to create tomato-based sauces from scratch.

A new TV campaign featuring the puppet Dolmio family will kick off in April to communicate the new claim.

In a bid to broaden the brand's appeal with children, Mars is also introducing My Dolmio Squeeze Me sachets (rsp: £1.59 per pack of two).

The sachets feature happy face imagery and are designed to be squeezed on to pasta by a child under adult supervision.

Available in creamy tomato, tomato & basil and tomato & cheese variants, Mars said the recipes were especially formulated to ­appeal to children's palates.

"According to our ­consumer research from parenting website Mumsnet, there is a demand among mums for food products they could prepare with their children," said Wendy Wing, customer marketing ­manager at Dolmio.

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