It may be cold outside, but R&R Ice Cream is gearing up for the heat with a raft of new products under Nestlé's Aero, Caramac, Nesquik and Kit Kat brands.

The Yorkshire company, which makes Nestlé ice cream under licence, is to introduce four new ice creams into retailers from next month.

Aero Double Bubble (rsp: £2.39 for three) is a combination of mint and chocolate ice cream with aerated pieces of chocolate inside. It will be joined by Aero Bubbleball (rsp: £1.99 for four) a frozen chocolate and mint mousse with a 'ball' of Aero chocolate at each pot's base. Both lines will benefit from the £7m support Nestlé is giving the Aero brand in 2010.

"With sticks in particular, each year the market sees new flavours of existing brands being brought to shelves rather than genuine innovation. We really feel we have helped to buck that trend this year with the introduction of the Aero stick, which not only brings a new confectionery brand to the frozen aisle, but also a unique flavour and shape, which has mass-market family appeal," said Charlotte Hambling, senior marketing manager at R&R.

R&R is also banking on Caramac's retro appeal to launch the 50-year-old brand's first ice cream bar (rsp: £1 for four).

And from March it will be specifically targeting children with new Nesquik Lollies (rsp: £1.99 for six). The stick lollies will be available in strawberry and chocolate flavours and contain 30% of the calcium RDA.

And following their impulse debut last spring, Kit Kat Cones (rsp: £2.99 for four) will roll out in multiples from next month.