Kingfisher has started selling cut price alcohol through its Big W chain of supercentres. One of the first to take the range of beers, wines and spirits is the Big W in Edinburgh. The range is being supplied by wholesaler Winerite, part of the P&H group. Among the offers in the Big W are a 16 pack of Stella Artois for £9.99, a case of Heineken bottles for £10 and an 8-pack of Bacardi Breezer for £9.49. The range has only been in the Big W for two weeks, but staff say it is already to be a big hit with shoppers, who practically cleared the store out of premixed spirits last weekend. "It is proving very popular and the prices mean we are able to go head to head with Asda," said one worker at the store. Big W is also trialling sales of grocery products supplied by Booker. {{NEWS }}