The three of us ordered a huge take away ­ a variety of curries, rice, naans and onion bhajis. We are all lovers of Indian food ­ I was largely brought up on it ­ and were interested in how the sauces would complement the food. To me Shere Khan is the tiger in The Jungle Book. I had never heard of the brand or the restaurants, but the packaging was attractive with good use of colour and graphics. I'm not sure if it would stand out from the huge selection on the ethnic foods shelves, but the label information was concise and included the obligatory web site plug. Now for the testing. First the bad news. The Raita was a bit watery, and the mint flavour not strong enough. I am not a big fan of Raita, and this sauce did nothing to convince me to change my mind, although I reckon it might do OK as a salad dressing. Mango fared little better. I absolutely adore fresh mangoes, but I have never been convinced by shop-bought mango chutney ­ it never matches up to my mother's home made sweet and spicy recipe. This version was no exception. It obviously caters for a European palate, but I was not particularly impressed. The other two were great, however. Both Hara and Lal chutneys will appeal to people who like spicy food with a slight kick, not necessarily just blatantly hot. Hara was very spicy ­ we could taste all the influencing flavours of coriander, mint and chilli, with the mango. It was really nice chilled. Lal Chutney was definitely my favourite and worked especially well as a dip with onion bhajis. A sweet chilli-type sauce but with more flavour and just enough chilli not to burn, it will definitely be on my shopping list when this jar runs out. At £1.69 I think the range is competitively priced and I would definitely buy the Hara and the Lal Chutneys again. {{P&P }}