Eat Natural has overhauled its fruit and nut bars to create a more contemporary feel and highlight the brand's 'simple' platform.

The company is rolling out new packaging across its range and is poised to add new seasonal lines and sub-brands.

It also plans to launch dedicated children's products and target new eating occasions.

Co-founder Praveen Vijh said the idea was to make the most of the demand for more natural products.

"Now that supermarkets can cope with limited shelf life, if you can make products using only basic ingredients and not using additives, then why not do it?" he said.

Recipes across the range have been improved and a Super Bar sub-brand is kicking off with a blackcurrants, walnuts, mango and dark chocolate combination.

The company is also continuing its seasonal bars series, with the latest offering being strawberries and apples with yoghurt.

Last year's summer seasonal recipe, blueberry, has been reformulated and made into a permanent line.

The company's flagship Fruit and Nut Bar is being re-dubbed 'brazils, sultanas, almonds and hazelnuts', to highlight ingredients with the on-pack explanation: 'We just thought our old "Fruit and Nut" sounded a bit, well... ordinary'.

The revamped packs feature softer, more natural colours, a matt finish and a simplified logo. On-pack descriptions are more precise and pack notes have a more conversational tone to give the brand personality. The phrase 'nothing dodgy' is flagged up on each flavour.

A sampling campaign is running throughout the summer targeting two million people via events such as music festivals.

Products aimed at children are set to appear in the autumn. Vijh said the company was also considering British seasonal lines and looking for "a real breakfast solution rather than just another cereal bar".

"About 66% of consumers do not use cereal bars, so there's plenty of opportunity," he added.