Consumers too lazy to crack open an egg are to have their prayers answered with the launch of fresh liquid egg in a carton. The new line, produced by Oaklands Farm Eggs, is said to last up to 21 days unopened, and three days after opening.

The product will debut at IFE at ExCel in London next week, and the company is in discussions with several retailers over listings. The rsp for the product has yet to be agreed.

Egg In An Instant was designed to take eggs to a wider audience, said Oaklands technical director Elwyn Griffiths.

Media reports suggested that consumers were eating in more than before, according to Griffiths.

"If that is the case, we want to make it easier for people to eat in," he said.

Available in half, one and two-litre sizes and in both free-range and non free-range variants, the product would also make cooking with eggs cleaner for consumers, as there would be no need for them to deal with the shell, he added.

Although the product would be targeted at all consumers, Oaklands believes it could prove particularly popular with elderly people and students. "There is a massive student market out there, massively lazy, massively into convenience," he said.

The chilled product is made from 100%-pasteurised British Lion eggs, and contains an average of 10 whole eggs per half litre of product.

The packaging will carry the British Lion logo, and Griffiths said he hoped that retailers would stock it in their chiller cabinets alongside fresh milk. This would help to communicate the versatility of eggs to consumers as, traditionally, they were stocked close to the home-baking section at retail, he added. Selling egg in a liquid format would also enable consumers to measure the quantity of egg they needed for recipes, said Griffiths.

However, equivalence guidelines were likely to be added to the cartons for occasions when whole eggs were called for, he added, to make it easier to judge how much to add to recipes.