Switzerland's largest dairy company Emmi is setting its sights on UK expansion and hopes to tempt health-conscious consumers with a new chilled yoghurt range.

Capitalising on demand for healthy products made from quality ingredients, the Emmi Swiss range is a premium dairy offering made from Swiss Alpine milk. It is being launched in Waitrose on 6 August, with further listings to follow.

"The UK is a key market for growth and investment," said brand manager Laura Graham. "The Emmi Swiss range is aligned with UK consumer trends."

The UK yoghurt and pot desserts market was valued at £1.6bn last year, up 4.7% year-on-year [TNS year to 28 January 2007]. The Emmi Swiss range includes Emmi Swiss Muesli Yoghurt and Emmi Swiss Fruit Yoghurts as well as a natural set yoghurt.

The muesli product comes in two variants: Classic, with flavours of apple, banana and pineapple; and Berry, comprising apple, strawberries and blackberries. Emmi claims to use a traditional Swiss recipe for the muesli yoghurts, which contain 35% fruit. The products are priced at £1.49 for two 150g pots.

The fruit yoghurt variant will be sold in packs of two 175g glass jars and comes in strawberry, raspberry and mango flavours as well as chocolate that contains 6% Swiss chocolate.

Traditional farming methods in Switzerland, where each farmer has a maximum of 20 cows in each herd, produced a finer-quality milk, said Emmi, which is known in the UK for its Caffè Latte ranges as well as MiniCol, a cholesterol-lowering cheese.

"The Emmi brand name will help consumers to buy into this premium yoghurt brand," said Graham.

"The use of Swiss Alpine milk will help consumers to recognise these are indulgent but low-fat and natural."