The entrepreneur behind DVD rental business LoveFilm is launching an online food delivery service next month that could revolutionise office workers' eating habits.

Graze provides consumers with a letterbox-size box of healthy snacks, including fruit, nuts and seeds, which are ordered from the company's website then posted for next-day delivery.

The business was co-founded by Graham Bosher, the entrepreneur credited with pioneering web-based distribution through the LoveFilm DVD rental business.

The snacks are free of artificial additives and are intended to be nibbled on throughout the day, so energy is released slowly.

Despite initial concerns consumers would be reluctant to eat food that had been mailed, 15,000 boxes have been sold since a soft launch eight weeks ago.

Some 250,000 boxes would be sold next year generating £1m revenue, predicted co-founder Ben Jones. "Grazing is a new and positive way of eating that provides consistent energy levels and does away with that 3pm slump," he said.

"We own the whole value chain of the business. We are the buyer, the supplier, the distributor and retailer and we fully expect to revolutionise the way people eat at work."

The £2.99 and £3.49 prices for the boxes were below the £4 average people normally paid for lunch, he claimed. Graze was expected to emulate the success of LoveFilm, which claims to deliver more than three million DVDs a month.

Graze's official launch in January will be supported by web-based promotions.