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Products: Heinz Special Soup
Company: Heinz
Launch date: September 2004

Spritz, launched last month, is targeting consumers aged 23 and over looking for a sophisticated alcoholic drink.

The premium drink is available in two variants - Classic with 5.5% abv and Low, which has 1.2% abv and just 24 calories per 100ml.

Unlike the majority of RTDs on the market, Spritz is not vodka or rum based and has been positioned as an alternative to ‘sickly sweet alcopops that taste of fruits’.

Nico Nicholas, Spritz MD and a founder of the company behind the wine-based tipple, says they came up with the idea for Spritz after identifying an opportunity for growth in the wine segment, which he says continues to flourish, whereas the existing RTD sector is levelling off. “We thought that the RTD sector was aimed at the very young and that the 23-plus age group was not being catered for properly.

“Also, no-one was really looking after the female consumer,” says Nicholas.

“Spritz is unique, not being overly sweet or fruit-flavoured as other RTDs are.”

The product, which the new company is forecasting a turnover of £10m for in its first year in the UK, is being trial launched in the on-trade and will eventually be available to the off-trade. The company is also keen to see the brand grow internationally.

A Rosé version will hit shelves in March followed by a red wine version in the summer - both will be available in 1.2% or 5.5% abv.