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The Grocer’s retail crime webinar is free to view, just register using the link below

Crime’s impact on supermarkets and staff continues to dominate headlines as the sector faces – still – rising costs, reduced consumer spending power and limited resource from stretched police forces. But can it be resolved?

Retail workers have faced sometimes life-threatening and intimidating situations going about their daily duties as crime within the sector rises.

The Grocer’s ‘Breaking the Back of Rising Retail Crime’ webinar, organised in conjunction with sister titles Convenience Store and Forecourt Trader, brings together leading sector experts in a bid to answer how the issue can be better resolved, as well as offering additional guidance and insight.

Free to view at 11am on 22 May (and on demand thereafter), webinar speakers include National Police Chiefs’ Council national lead Amanda Blakeman, professor of criminology at City, University of London, Emmeline Taylor, public affairs director for the Co-op Paul Gerrard, Institute of Customer Service CEO Jo Causon, ACS communications director Chris Noice, Usdaw health and safety officer Tony Whelan and Strongpoint ALS UK & Ireland MD Alex Eveleigh.

Hosted by editor Nicholas Robinson and sponsored by StrongPoint, the webinar will lay out the main driving factors and impacts of retail crime before delving deeper into the finer points and uncovering potential resolutions.

Key topics covered will include the continued rise in retail crime; how the Co-op utilised academia in its strategy to tackle the issue; the financial impact on businesses; legalities and impacts on staff; and how the police are working with supermarkets and retailers to better break the issue. 

Up-to-the-minute data and insight will be delivered throughout the event, while ICS’s Causon will delve into recent findings from her organisation’s latest surveys. 

While the sector has achieved certain victories, such as the criminalisation of shopworker abuse, violent and organised crime continues to soar in sectors like wholesale

Find out what the current state of crime is in the supermarket retail sector and how it can be tackle by registering to watch The Grocer’s free Breaking the Back of Retail Crime webinar