Birds Eye Wall's entered the added value white meat market 10 years ago with the launch of chicken burgers. The company now claims to hold the top selling products in each of the four market sectors ­ coated grills, burgers, children's snacks and adult lines. The products are Crispy Chicken, Chicken Burgers, Crispy Chicken Burgers and Cajun Chicken Marinades. This year the company is using a trial size pack format to support its Crispy Chicken Dippers, along with press and sampling campaigns and promotional links with other brands. Meanwhile the adult lines have been given more of a family focus. Chicken à la Sauce has been renamed Chicken in Sauce and Chicken En Croute is now Chicken Lattice. The recommended selling price of the two brands is being reduced to £1.99, in a bid to boost their family appeal.{{FOCUS SPECIALS }}