Fanta Z Summer Fruits is the latest addition to Coca-Cola Enterprises’ new Z (zero added sugar) range.
CCE has rebranded all light variants of its carbonates (apart from Coke and Diet Coke), so that the range now comprises Fanta Z Orange, Fanta Z Icy Lemon, Sprite Z, Dr Pepper Z and Lilt Z.
The company took the step after consumer research revealed that there was a strong emotional appeal to using positive language instead of words such as ‘diet’ or ‘light’.
According to CCE, when tested pre-launch, 70% of consumers responded positively to Fanta Z Summer Fruits. The response grew to 93% when consumers were informed that the product belonged to the Fanta brand and had zero added sugar.
The Z range is available in two-litre (rsp: £1.49) and 500ml (rsp: 85p) PET bottles and a 300ml can (rsp: 39p).
Fanta Z Summer Fruits contains apple, strawberry, blackcurrant and cherry fruit juice from concentrate.
Julia Goldin, marketing director for Coca-Cola GB, said: “The Z range is a great example of how we have applied consumer insights to answer a specific consumer need, resulting in a range which provides a diversity of choice of zero-added-sugar carbonated soft drinks that offer refreshment without compromise.”
A marketing campaign will be launched next month.
Helen Gregory