Premium crisp manufacturer Tyrrells is next month launching a food festival-inspired flavour for discerning snackers.
Its Ludlow Sausage with Wholegrain Mustard flavour takes its recipe inspiration from the Ludlow Food Festival, running from September 9-11, which showcases locally produced foods, including sausages and meats.
Launched during the Ludlow Food Festival, the crisps will thereafter be available through independent retailers in 50g and 150g backs with an rsp of 64p and £1.58 respectively.
Tyrells is also launching its mixed root vegetables in a resealable tubs range to provide the foodservice sector with greater options to sell its crisps.
A 65g tub, which is ideal for a mini-bar, has been launched, as well as a 150g sharing tub and a 500g catering tub.