Suppliers looking to tempt drinkers into cream liqueurs in time for the Christmas boom have launched two products.

Constellation Europe is producing Choc Amoré, a cream liqueur targeted at women aged 25 -35. It will be marketed as a drink to enjoy at home with friends.

Marketing manager Clare Griffiths said: "Unlike most cream liqueur brands, which focus on cream as an ingredient or emphasise their Irish heritage, Choc Amoré is all about chocolate." Choc Amoré will sell at about £7.99 for a 70cl bottle and is being supported with point-of-sale material and nationwide sampling .

Meanwhile, rival Coole Swan is being marketed as "the world's first super premium cream liqueur" with an emphasis on high-quality ingredients. It is produced in Ireland by the Coole Quay Liqueur Company, which has invested more than €1m in the brand. Coole Swan is already available in Ireland and New York, and launches in the UK this month at Selfridges.