Filippo Berio is launching what it claims is the first 100% pure olive oil spray, dismissing rival products as "compromising on flavour for the sake of a marketing message".

The sprays, available in Extra Virgin and Mild & Light varietites, contain no added water, alcohol, emulsifiers, antioxidants or aerosol propellant. However, marketing manager Diana Anderson said that was not the case with other spray oil brands.

"We never compromise the purity of our oil by using additives of any kind. Where other spray brands have compromised on flavour for the sake of a convenenient marketing message, Filippo Berio is now delivering flavour and quality in a convenient way."

Research by the company revealed that lapsed spray oil customers felt current products lacked flavour and, despite calorie cutting claims, failed to deliver in practice as more oil was needed once the water content evaporated.

However, AarhusKarl­shamm is about to discontinue its 100% extra virgin olive oil aerosol spray as its sales fell and trends moved towards healthier alternatives. It is in the process of lauching Less Cal, an olive oil aerosol with less than one calorie per spray. "Our research and sales trends showed that consumers want to take fat out of their diet. Low-calorie sprays are the way forward," said AAK retail marketing manager Suzanne Heffernan. "But Berio is an established oil so it may well succeed."

The launch coincides with Filippo Berio achieving its highest ever UK market share for the four weeks to 14 July, hitting a peak of 24.1%. For the 52 weeks to 11 August it increased its volume share by 50% to 18.4%, while value share grew 24.4% to 20.5%, according to Nielsen.

A 200ml bottle of the Extra Virgin olive oil spray has an rsp of £1.99, while the Mild & Light variety is £1.89.