The 12-strong range of Enjoy! frozen ready meals from Birds Eye Wall's plans to "change the way you eat forever in just 10 minutes". Rsps: £1.79-£4.99 Brett Horton is the director of marketing at an outdoor advertising agency group Cubes of sauce, blocks of food in tubs, bags of frozen pasta ready in under ten minutes ­ surely we're taking about school dinners? When I first opened the packets of Enjoy! that's basically what I thought ­ yet more tasteless frozen food. So with the minimum of expectations, I did exactly what it said on the bag. Having been a chef at Marlowe's, a top restaurant in Stratford-upon-Avon, it will always be an occupational hazard to check the seasoning of any dish. However, with great restrain, I decided to let the Birds Eye chefs prove their worth all alone. And to my surprise cubed food tastes very good, very good indeed! The advertising industry rarely permits sufficient time to slave over the hot stove so my diet consists of more ready meals than others. And so, over the course of last week, I've been grateful to Enjoy! for reducing my shopping bill. The packaging works ­ big crisp-bag like sachets for the pastas, rice and vegetables, and ice cream tubs for the meat with sauce products. Labelling and cooking instructions are kept to a minimum and design follows sync. From the outset, the look and feel of this product range is right. As for taste and texture, for me the pastas are the biggest breakthrough ­ the entire range is up there on a par with any trendy pasta restaurant. While the quality of the ingredients in the rice and vegetable options was clearly impressive, I have to say they did not immediately jump out. On to the meat with sauce range, the sauce chef at Birds Eye should be knighted ­ impeccable. The only thing is that while the meat/fish looks the part, unless cooked for that extra two minutes, the chicken and salmon do taste a bit watery. Good frozen food' and ready in ten minutes' have up until now always been an oxymoron. The cooking times on these products are about right and the quality is fantastic. That said, you do have to view cooking Enjoy! in a similar way to a Tony Hart drawing ­ the dishes only visibly come together at the very last minute. {{P&P }}