Kraft Foods is hoping its Kenco Rappor stick pack will attract young people into coffee. Dan Burman is client services director for Leamington Spa based new media agency Big Picture Interactive. Coffee sticks are not a new idea, but I've found them useful on occasions in the past ­ on camping trips, etc.The most appealing thing about them is that they give a very fresh-tasting cup of coffee as all of the aroma (and taste) is kept right up until you tear open the pack and pour on the water. Think of that amazing smell when you first crack open a new jar of coffee ­ that's what it's like. For those who aren't regular coffee drinkers, the sachets also prevent the how much do I put on a spoon?' scenario and give the perfect cup every time. The packaging of Kenco Rappor is obviously aimed at a more sophisticated consumer and suggests romance, high quality and something a bit more special than your average instant coffee brand. If I'm drinking instant coffee (which is usually a quick, no-fuss option rather than a preference), I drink brands which are at the higher end of the market. Although these come at a much higher price, they do taste more like fresh coffee. At first I found the sticks hard to open, which led to the tearing with teeth' method. However, I think that was just unlucky, as subsequent attempts were more successful. The taste was definitely more intense and closer to the fresh ground flavour than Original'. I thought it was on a similar level to Carte Noir', showing a more pronounced flavour. I did detect a slightly unpleasant bitter after-taste though ­ possibly an attempt to mimic fresh coffee? ­ which I felt didn't quite hit the spot. All in all, I thought the Kenco Rappor coffee was definitely a better option than your average instant coffee. I was a little disappointed that the taste wasn't even more pronounced, though, as the pack clearly sells it on the bursting with real coffee taste' line. Having said this, my coffee preference is probably stronger than the average person's taste. If you are going to drink instant coffee, you could do a great deal worse than Kenco Rappor. {{MARKETING - P&P }}