Maltesers and Galaxy hot chocolate twin sachets are on limited distribution at some Sainsburys. A low cal Flyte hot chocolate is under development. Melanie Dixon, 27, is services manager at MAFF's VLA division I love hot chocolate and I am keen on Maltesers and Galaxy bars. But as soon as I saw the sachets I knew I would have been put off buying them had I seen them on a supermarket shelf. The Maltesers and Galaxy chocolate branding has been duplicated on the metallic-look sachets. But I don't think the design makes enough impact, certainly not one that would convince me to buy the product. To me it looks childish and unsophisticated. I would instantly presume the content was very high in calories and fat, and probably sickly sweet. Overall, the packaging absolutely screams "calories, calories, calories" at me, although I am not even someone who particularly watches or worries about my weight. But even if the sachets looked amazing, they would need to be promoted by special offer or prime positioning to stand out from some stiff competition. My boyfriend Christopher is a useful male and agreed to help me taste the drinks when we got home from work one evening. The hot water and powder of both mixed very well ­ there was not a trace of the lumpiness which hot chocolate seems prone to. The smell was yummy. We thought the Galaxy one was scrumptious, even Chris who is not the world's biggest hot choc fan. I was concerned about the fat issue though ­ it is really high fat and 110 calories a mug seems unnecessary in this day and age! The Malteser drinks were much sweeter than the Galaxy ones. I did find it a bit sickly, but if you like Maltesers chocolate you will like the drink version. I do not think these are the kind of hot chocolates I would want to drink all the time. I would only have one if I wanted to treat myself. Sarah Lee gateaux and Percy Pigs from M&S are more my thing when it comes to calories. For me Cadbury's Highlights is hot chocolate. It is supreme, just as delicious, and only 40 calories. {{P&P }}