Tilda says its new Rizazz microwaveable rice range brings sophistication to a convenience-oriented category Jane Scott is senior marketing consultant at Nine Yards brand consultancy I wouldn’t normally buy ready-cooked microwave rice as I always have long-grain rice in the cupboard. I only eat basmati rice at restaurants, but this is often because I’m a huge fan of Indian food. I occasionally buy chilled Indian ready meals, but rarely cook curries at home. The Tilda Rizazz range appealed ­ it looked quick and easy, and, being Tilda, good quality. For me, Tilda is a reassuring brand. I see the company as rice experts and authentic, although they also hint at foodiness, eg “gourmet rice”, “food fanatics”. I expected the Tilda rice to deliver on quality, especially texture. The products suit my lifestyle. The format is convenient ­ the rice is pre-cooked so only takes two minutes in the microwave. I would usually do too much and, if I’m not careful, overcook it. It takes much longer than pasta or noodles. The name Rizazz tells me this rice is quick, has a bit of excitement, and can add that special touch. It implies that the company is keen to try new things. The packaging is bright, has lots of food cues, and the rice looks appetising. The packs stand out well on shelf. The pouch is easy to use and the portion size is ideal for one if you follow the recipe to make a meal, or just enough for two as an accompaniment. Tilda is probably aiming these at busy, working people, singles or couples. I tried all four. The texture of each was very good ­ firm without breaking down. I used the plain basmati and savoury mushroom basmati in back of pack recipes for mushroom stroganoff and creamy pesto chicken. The instructions were simple to follow and needed only a few extra ingredients. Both meals took 10 minutes to pan-cook and were delicious ­ the flavour of the rice definitely came through. I liked the basmati pilau but was less impressed with the Mediterranean tomato, finding the flavour too complex. I was expecting sun-dried tomatoes but could only describe it as “savoury”. I ate it on its own, so would recommend using it as an accompaniment to a meal or trying the recipe suggestion. Overall, although not an entirely new concept, I think Tilda Rizazz should do well if people use the products the way I did. The good thing is you feel like you’ve participated in the cooking process without too much effort. {{MARKETING - P&P }}