Simon Mowbray
Cadbury may follow the launch of its new Boost energy chocolate bars by bringing out a branded drink spin-off.
The Grocer has learned that the company has just taken exactly that tack Down Under where the guarana-boosted chocolate bars, and now milk drinks, have gone under the name of Viking.
The company claims the latest launch is "the first energy milk drink to reach market" anywhere, and is marketing the 600ml offering as "the chocolate drink with horns". The drinks have a six-month shelf life and can be stored at both ambient and cool temperatures.
Marketing chiefs in Australia say that, like the chocolate bar, the new drink will appeal to young, active adults. They also aim to capitalise on the success of the countline Viking which is said to have achieved 95% awareness among its target audience.
A similar move would now seem logical in the UK with Cadbury already having made great play of the fact that its revamped Boost chocolate bar offerings ­ fuelled with a choice of guarana or glucose ­ are up against energy drinks like Red Bull. Australia has also traditionally been a test market for launches elsewhere in the world, particularly Europe.
A spokeswoman for Cadbury did not rule out a similar move in the UK, although said there were no immediate plans.