As Pancake Day draws closer, the promotional activity on those key staples of lemon juice and syrup continues to increase.
Although there is activity for the day across retailers, it is Tesco that seems to be making the biggest effort so far with gondola ends offering price reductions and a link save with Tesco Batter mix on Jif Lemon.
Those with a sweet tooth are catered for as well, with offers running on Lyle’s Golden Syrup and Rowse Maple Syrup.
The main mover in the brand chart is Princes. Bogof offers across corned beef, salmon, tuna and hot dogs in Tesco have helped Princes into the brand chart at number seven.
The rest of the chart is stable and Heinz continues to retain its lead over Walkers, at number one, on the back of offers on baked beans and tinned spaghetti.
The battle for top retailer remains as competitive as ever with only 2% dividing the first three. Despite this fierce competition, Tesco has hung on at the top for another week, but it can’t be long now before Sainsbury or Safeway topples it.