Featured space promotions for the butters and spreads sub-category last weekend were totally dominated by two main brands.

Flora accounted for a whopping 67% of offers with its Flora pro-activ spread range available in Tesco, using the half-price mechanic. Its share was more than twice that of Lurpak Spreadable butter , which was available in Morrisons using x-for-y and took the remaining 33%.

The results at the weekend reflect Flora's growing dominance of activity. It was the clear leader in the 2006 overall chart, with 35% of space. It also leads the 2007 chart to date, having increased its 2006 share by a sizeable 13 base points to 48%.

And in the four weeks to, and including, last weekend, Flora accounted for 38% of activity for butter/spreads - double the amount of its closest rival brand, Anchor.

Other brands in the top five charts therefore face increasingly tough competition. Only Lurpak was game enough over the weekend, but over the past four weeks there have been four brands bringing up the rear: Anchor, with 19% of the space; and Clover, Lurpak and St Ivel with 14% apiece.

For them, there is still much to play in terms of the overall 2007 chart.

St Ivel continues to hold on to second place, the same position it achieved in the 2006 chart, though with a slightly smaller share of activity - 17% versus last year's 22%.

Anchor has secured third place in this year's chart with 13% of activity, taking space from Lurpak and Clover. It has really stepped up activity on last year when it came sixth with 1% of featured space.

Meanwhile, Lurpak sits in fourth, one place ahead of its 2006 position, but with a share of space actually one base point less than its 2006 figure of 13%. And Clover, the last brand to make the top 5 chart in the year to date figures, has slipped from third place in last year's chart to fifth place, accounting for the remaining 11% of activity - five base points less than last year.