Asda is the cheapest retailer for the second week running, after weeks of battling for the top spot with Morrisons. This week the retailer won The Grocer 33 price survey with a £38.39 basket, just creeping ahead of rival Morrisons' £38.85 total. Asda provided three of the cheapest items, including Cathedral City Mature Cheddar and bagged apples, but did not make price cuts on any of the products in this week's list. Prices of 26 of the 33 items were identical in Morrisons and Asda, but it was Morrisons that made the most significant price cuts this week, slashing the price of bagged apples by 28p and avocado by 10p. In keeping with the fruit and vegetable price cutting strategy, Morrisons also provided the cheapest kiwi fruit at 78p compared with its nearest competitors Asda and Tesco, which priced their kiwi fruit at 98p. Tesco provided a £39.27 basket, dropping to third position from the second place spot it has been holding on to for the past two weeks. It raised the price of Nestlé Shreddies by 29p but offered the cheapest celery at 48p, 20p less than last week's price of 68p. Sainsbury's once again took fourth position with a £40.32 basket. The retailer made no significant price cuts, knocking just 2p off the price of own label granulated sugar, but it did match our cheapest retailer Asda on 23 out of 33 items this week. Somerfield provided this week's fifth most expensive basket at £46.32. Fifteen of its items were the most expensive of all the retailers, including bagged potatoes at £1.30 compared with Asda's price of 86p.At £2.49, Sainsbury's also sold the most expensive pack of Shreddies. Just over a pound separated Waitrose and Somerfield, and the former was once again the priciest retailer with a £47.64 basket. Fourteen of its items were the most expensive including bagged apples, which the retailer sold for 82p more than Asda. But it did match the price of our cheapest retailer on four items.