The price war may be hotting up, but it doesn’t seem to have reached as far as supermarkets’ prime promotional spots, where activity was subdued at the weekend. Two weeks ago, the top 50 offers would have saved canny consumers £151.66 – or 50% of the full ticket price. This week that has slipped to £100.04 – though this is still a not-too-shabby 43% saving on the £233.76 full price.

While Tesco and Asda may be taking the lead in the price war with their high-profile reductions, it is Sainsbury’s that continues to dominate promotional deals, with 18 of this week’s top 50 offers, representing £36.29 of the total £100.04 savings on offer.

This week’s category to watch was cakes and pastries, which jumped from 17th place last week to 9th, with 31 lines on offer in featured space. Nineteen of these were reduced by 50% or more. Buying all the cakes on offer would cost £45 against a regular price of £72.25, a saving of 38%. Mr Kipling had the most lines on offer, with 10. In this category, once again Sainsbury’s was the retailer with the most items on offer, at 15.

This week’s biggest saving – like last week – was at Asda: a five-for-£1 offer on Batchelors savoury rice, which represented a 60% discount. The biggest cash saving was on Olay Regenerist, reduced to half price at £11.25 at Sainsbury’s.

Ambient desserts fell the most this week, slipping from 28th place to 46th, while frozen vegetables re-entered the top 50 – at 47th – from 78th place last time.