Confectionery has widened the gap at the top of the Promo Dynamic table in a week marked by almost identical levels of activity as last week. Confectionery had 80 more offers than second-placed wine, despite a slight decrease in the number of deals on chocolate since last week. The total number of offers, at 1,880, was just 20 short of last week's 1,900 mark.

One category that shot up the table this week was crisps, snacks and nuts. The salty snacks, in at 33rd last week, shot to 10th place this time round with 42 deals.

Leading brand Walkers made up more than half of the deals, with 25 of the 42, far ahead of second-placed KP, which had just seven. Morrisons had the most featured space snack deals, with 16.

Taking home all 42 crisps, snack and nut deals might bust your GDAs for a week or two, but would set you back just £82.32, a 29% saving on the usual £116.18 price.

Cleaning deals were on the wane, however, as the spring cleaning season drew to a close. Cleaning products fell from 3rd to 7th place, while washing up products tumbled from 15th to 29th.

It was a good week to clean your teeth on the cheap though, especially after all those sweeties: the best offer in this week's top 50 was on Dentyl Ph mouthwash at Morrisons, reduced 64.8% to just £1. The best cash saving, £8.80 off half-price Finish dishwasher tablets at Tesco, shared the cleaning theme.

Buying all this week's top 50 deals would have cost £134.30, a £116.15 saving on the rsp of £250.45.