As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm - and shoppers already on the Easter egg hunt will be pleased to see that supermarkets have almost doubled the number of confectionery deals since last week, from 84 to 149.

Cadbury was the most heavily promoted brand, with 43 deals, while Nestlé followed closely with 37. It seems Tesco was the place to stock up on sweets as it boasted 70 deals - almost double the number of nearest rival Asda, which had 37.

The majority of the promotions (71%) offered savings of 30% or less, with only 15% of them giving shoppers a saving of 50% or more. Shoppers splashing out on all 149 deals would pay £322.40, a tasty £111.85 less than the full retail price and a typical saving of 26%.

In terms of overall activity, there were no dramatic changes at the top of the table this week, although cakes & pastries moved from 12th place to ninth and breakfast cereals rose three places to eighth. There was something fishy lower down the table, however, with the frozen fish category leaping nine places to twelfth.

Asda's 2-for-£1 deal on Knorr Ragù Pasta Sauces offered this week's largest percentage saving. Asda also provided the biggest cash saving, with the 3-for-£10 deal on Lindemans Cellar Selection red wine saving shoppers £13.94.

Buying all 50 of this week's top offers would cost £127.46 - a £105.66 saving on the standard £233.12 price tag. The typical saving dropped slightly from 47.4% last week to 46.2%.