Waitrose Priced to the Pound

The promotion is running until 20 October

Waitrose has joined its supermarket rivals with its own round of price reductions, which sees it cut the prices of 100 branded products.

Its Priced to the Pound promotion rounds the prices of branded items down to the nearest pound, and brings savings of up to 50% for shoppers.

It includes tinned goods, pasta, cleaning supplies and snacks, such as Persil non-bio (1.33 litres) for £5 instead of £8, De Cecco pasta penne rigate (500g) for £1 from £1.55 and Heinz Beanz Snap Pots for £2 from £2.50. The savings can be made in store or online until 20 October.

Priced to the Pound comes alongside the upmarket grocer’s Brand Price Match scheme, which sees it promise to sell around 1,000 everyday branded lines for the same price as Tesco. This was drastically scaled back from covering 8,000 lines to around 1,000 in November 2018 after being initially launched a decade ago.

Waitrose said its new price offensive is a “very clear way of letting customers know what they were getting in terms of value. We always offer our customers the best possible value.”

The move follows Asda, M&S, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco all launching their own price reduction programmes in recent weeks.