Launched: February 2009
Manufacturer: Kraft
Kraft launched Mikado into the UK in February and achieved sales of £5.5m in its first five months [Nielsen]. Packaged in a pocket-friendly flip-top box, the chocolate-coated sticks have tapped into demand for bite-size treats on the go. As well as 39g packs (rsp: 69p) and multipacks, it also offers a 75g box (rsp: £1.19) targeting at-home sharing.

Backed with a racy £3m TV campaign in April and bus-side ads in June, it has been the fastest-selling everyday treat in the impulse sector, according to Nielsen.

Kraft has identified Mikado as one of its high-priority brands. With a continued hefty support package behind it, Mikado's strapline 'More than a little bit tempting' is likely to prove accurate.

Snack Bites
Launched: June 2009
Manufacturer: Burton's
Cadbury Fingers, Jammie Dodgers and Maryland cookies had already been shrunk into mini bites for kids. But in June, Burton's took the mini format into 125g resealable pouches (rsp: £1.59), with a view to targeting adults, too.

Having identified six billion adult on-the-go snacking occasions, Burton's is positioning Snack Bites as a permissible snack that will unlock new sales. It secured major listings from August, with sales in the proceeding two months hitting £500,000, according to Burton's.

It has also gained a listing with Blockbuster and is going after other new channels for the biscuit category, such as cinemas, as an alternative to sharing confectionery.

Gü Naughties
Launched: April 2009
Manufacturer: Gü

Gü took on own-label offerings from M&S and Waitrose with the launch in April of Naughties a premium range of bite-size cake tubs. The range, which includes Rocky Road, Millionaire's Flapjack and Gü-ey Choc Sponge Roll sharing tubs (rsp: £2.99), marked Gü's first foray into ambient cakes. The product is intended to tap into new occasions for Gü, including daytime treats and office-based snacking.

"Bite-sized products are great, because you can give consumers the chocolate hit they're looking for in a small portion," says head of marketing Sonia Kapadia.

It has so far achieved annual sales of £3m, boosted by a £250,000 spend across press, outdoor, online and sampling.

Jacob's Crack'o'bites

Launched: August 2009
Manufacturer: United Biscuits

United Biscuits sought to cash in on the trend for shrinking biscuits with the launch of Jacob's Crack'o'Bites, in August. The mini crackers come in three flavours cheese, sour cream & chive, and barbecue. There is a 25g handypack, with an rsp of 50p, and a multipack format with an rsp of £1.75. Crack'o'Bites are baked rather than fried, contain no artificial colours or flavours and are free from MSG and hydrogenated vegetable fats.

Brand director of savoury biscuits George Johnson says: "This range offers consumers a light, tasty baked snack for on the go, lunchboxes, or simply for enjoying at home."

The launch has been supported by a £1.5m ad campaign for the Jacob's brand, which kicked off last month.

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