Kellogg’s Krave
Launched: January 2010
Abandoning health and concentrating on taste, the latest launch from Kellogg's has 132 calories and a massive 5g of fat in each 30g portion. Krave is targeted at 16 to 25-year-olds, an age group the company says has previously not been targeted by breakfast cereals. The crispy cereal shells are filled with a chocolate and hazelnut centre and the launch is supported by a £4m campaign.

"There's a huge opportunity to grow breakfast and cereal consumption in the adult market by retaining young adults," says sales director Mike Taylor. "We've focused on creating a brand that genuinely answers the demand of this market." Kellogg's estimates first-year sales will reach £7m. The company already has a cereal bar called Krave in the US.

Quaker Paw Ridge
Launched: August 2009
Quaker took on Weetabix's Ready Brek with the launch of its own instant porridge for children. Paw Ridge can be cooked in 90 seconds and uses finely milled oats for a smoother texture in order to appeal to its core audience of eight to 12-year-olds. Paw Ridge, now stocked across multiples and independents, is free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, and comes in original and honey flavours.

Quaker estimated at launch that the product would generate £5m sales in its first year and by November before the cold snap it had notched up £461,180. "Mums are looking for a cereal that meets their health and convenience needs but has the taste and appeal to make their children want to eat it," says Quaker marketing director Sean Summers.

Nestlé Cheerio Crunchers
Launched: December 2009
Nestlé chose December to unveil what the company is calling its biggest breakfast cereal launch since Oats & More in 2007.

Cheerios Crunchers is made up of multigrain Cheerios with crunchy mini clusters of hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts. Nestlé says that it is positioned as an "all-family taste product, which will appeal to adults and children alike" to tap into the trend for parents eating the same cereal as their children.

The company plans to support the launch with a 'significant' advertising spend and sampling activity in 2010. Original Cheerios was Nestlé's second highest-selling cereal in 2009, with sales of £50.3m, up 2.4% on the previous year, while sales of Nestlé Clusters rose 12.5% to £4.2m [IRI 52w/e 7 November 2009].

Alara GeoMuesli
Launched: October 2009
Alara Wholefoods teamed up with the Traidcraft organisation to launch the first range of fair trade mueslis. The range comprises mixed berry, fruit & nut and exotic fruit variants, using a base of British oat and wheat cereals.

The mixed berry variant is a lighter style of muesli, which includes crisped rice. The remaining ingredients are sourced from around the world including raisins from Chile and South Africa, an array of tropical fruits and almonds from Pakistan.

To further appeal to its socially conscious target consumer, GeoMuesli is sold in a recyclable cartonboard box and a biodegradeable film bag. Alara launched its fair trade GeoBar cereal bars 10 years ago and the company hopes these cereals will build on their success. The mueslis were launched at the Anuga trade show in Germany in October.

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