Go Dutch
Launched: May 2009
Go Dutch was launched by Bradbury & Son in May 2009 to revive the flagging Edam market, which has suffered because of the growing price differential with mild Cheddar. Eschewing the red wax format, Bradbury launched Go Dutch in a 'consumer-friendly' block that is easier to cut, slice and grate than the traditional version, says sales and marketing director Chris Chisnall.

Research showed that consumers viewed it as "an old friend they'd not bought for a while", he says. With 25% less fat than Cheddar and a price of just £1 for 200g, "it is flying off the shelves", claims Chisnall, who predicts sales of about £7m by the year-end. Go Dutch also comes in sliced and grated versions and in a net of 20g sticks.

The black farmer
Launched: October 2009
The Black Farmer Sweet Mature Cheddar is hand-made by Lye Cross Farm in the Mendip Hills in Somerset, uses purely British milk and, believes founder Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, represents much-needed innovation in cheese. "Over the past few years more and more cheese has been produced with 'sweet notes'," he says. 

"Consumer research suggests this is becoming more popular, but only recently have producers started to make something of it. The category is becoming increasingly commoditised and under our brand we aim to get behind this sweet Cheddar to create a distinct sector." The Black Farmer is currently talking to major retailers regarding listings for the premium cheese, which costs £3.79 for a 400g block.

Kerry LowLow
Launched: April 2009
Kerry LowLow is a full-flavour mature cheese that is made using skimmed milk so that it contains just two-thirds of the fat of traditional Cheddar. Since its launch in April, more than two million households have tried it and sales are increasing every week, claims brand owner Kerry Foods. LowLow will have spent £7m on marketing in its first year, and receive an additional £5m above-and below-the-line support in 2010, with a TV advertising burst in January.

LowLow costs from £1.69, is available in 200g and 400g blocks, 200g grated and 160g slices, and is available in the multiples and good independents. In consumer research, conducted by the company, 84% said LowLow tasted as good as regular Cheddar.

Marmite cheese
Launched: December 2008
Encased in black wax, the Marmite Cheese truckle launched by Unilever consists of 8% Marmite mixed with a mild Cheddar cheese from Somerset. Sales have hit £3m [EPOS data 52w/e October 2009], and have grown 36% in the 6 months to October. It is already a top performer in the big four and has gained listings in Waitrose and Ocado.

"Just like Marmite, Marmite Cheese divides the nation between those that love it and those that hate it," says Mike Miller, sales controller from Unilever UK. "Marmite fans are devoted followers, which helps to explain why it outsold Camembert in Asda in its first month." Marmite Cheese is sold in a 100g truckle format, a 2kg deli-wheel and in mini snacking nets. The rsp is £1.60 per 100g truckle.

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