We eat more than 4.9 billion desserts a year in the UK and 1.4 billion of these (29%) are hot.

The hot-served chilled desserts market has grown 11.4% to more than £150m over the past year. Growth has been driven by an increase in buyers and people buying more often. Volume is up 7.8% year-on-year with price per volume up 3.4%.

The main growth sectors have been individual desserts (up 39%), with more people buying more volume per trip, and full-size puddings (up 28%), where more people are buying and are paying a slightly higher price per pudding suggesting premiumisation.

Own label dominates this sector, accounting for more than 80% of the market by value and volume. Waitrose and Sainsbury's both overtrade but to nowhere near the extent of Marks and Spencer. M&S has only 3% of the grocery market but more than a third of this sector.

Asda and the discounters greatly under-index here. Clearly hot desserts attract a more upmarket buyer.

Focus On Hot Desserts