Magnum Gold
Launched: February 2010
Unilever's Magnum opted for the ultimate symbol of luxury for its latest launch in February gold. Magnum Gold is a vanilla ice cream stick with a swirl of caramel, covered in a golden dipped milk chocolate. It is available in a multipack of three (rsp: £2.49) and a single handheld (rsp: £1.50).

"The challenge for Magnum is maintaining momentum in 2010, and we're confident Magnum Gold will deliver this," says senior brand manager Chrissie Farman. "The launch builds on the success of the brand's premium Temptation line, which was launched in March 2009."

Aero Double Bubble
Launched: January 2010
In January, R&R revealed a raft of NPD but, according to senior marketing manager Charlotte Hambling, Aero Double Bubble is the most innovative. It is a combination of mint and chocolate ice cream with aerated pieces of chocolate inside (rsp: £2.39 for three).

"This product brings something different to sticks. It is instantly visually different and, with its bubbly inclusions, brings fun, rather than just indulgence, with mass-market family appeal," she says.

It goes on sale in the summer and will benefit from Nestlé's planned £7m spend on the brand this year. 

Antonio Federici
Launched: March 2009
Federicks Dairies went back to its Italian roots in a bid to find the "best ice cream in the world", says deputy MD David Taylor. The inspiration is the owner's grandfather, who set up the business in 1896. The aim is to replicate the texture of Italian gelato. The three-flavour launch, with an rsp of £3.99, is intended to take on Ben & Jerry's and Häagen-Dazs.

"We're more similar to Häagen-Dazs than Ben & Jerry's because we're about the purity of the ice cream rather than putting lots of things in it," says Taylor. In March, Cafe Espresso flavour joins the range.

Good Feeling Solutions
Launched: November 2009
Ex-Morrisons ice cream buyer Mike Lewis launched Good Feeling Solutions ice cream in November 2009. Both mint Neapolitan and banoffee Neapolitan come in 3-litre family tubs and have an rsp of £2 clearly labelled on pack.

"It's the perfect solution for recession-hit families looking for something safe but new to buy. Changing the normal Neapolitan format to banoffee with banana, toffee and chocolate, and mint with mint, chocolate and vanilla stripes is a simple but interesting flavour twist in such a mature category. You don't need to reinvent the wheel," he says.

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