Juicy Drench
Launched: May 2009
This thirst-quencher, which contains only fruit juice and water, was launched in May (rsp 89p for 440ml). It replaced Robinsons Fruit Spring and was supported bya £5.5m campaign.

Manufacturer Britvic says it met a gap in the market for hydration on the go combined with a strong taste profile. Since launch, Juicy Drench has added £1m and 1.9 million litres to the juice category, becoming the fifth-largest drink in impulse within five months, according to Britvic. With the company's juice drinks up 26.4% in value and 30.3% in volume [IRI], it seems to be a hit.

Innocent banana-free smoothies
Launched: April 2009
Innocent launched its first banana-free smoothie after repeated requests from consumers. The green smoothie made from kiwis, apples and limes is intended to be more thirst-quenching than the thicker varieties.

A second banana-free smoothie (rsp: £2.99 for 1 litre) was launched in October, made from cranberries, blueberries and cherries. Innocent was further boosted by an ASA ruling, following guidance from the FSA, allowing the company to advertise that its smoothies contain two portions of your 5-a-day.

Tropicana Kids!
Launched: April 2009
In April, PepsiCo relaunched its Tropicana Go! range as Tropicana Kids! and introduced new one-litre pure juice cartons under the same branding (rsp: £1.99). The new juices come in two flavours: strawberry & raspberry and apple & blackcurrant and target mums with a message of '100% juice and nothing else'. It also comes in 200ml pure juice and water blends for lunchboxes and on-the-go.

According to Simon Michaelides, PepsiCo juice manufacturing director, the range highlights the fact that "health, quality and value remain primary drivers".

Sunny Delight
Launched: March 2010
In a bid to attract cash-strapped consumers, Sunny D is reformulating to bring the juice content down from 70% to 15%, and have an rsp of £1.39 for one litre. It will also be heavily promoted through the year. UK & Ireland area manager Richard Baragwanath says that when the drink was relaunched in March 2009, with higher juice content and no artificial ingredients, this pushed the price up.

When recession hit, the higher price proved unpalatable sales fell 39.3% to £6.8m [IRI 52w/e 23 January 2010]. The new drink will also have a 120-day shelf life, up from 75 days.

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