Loyd Grossman For One (Premier Foods)
Launched: July 2010
Premier Foods promised to make meals for one less depressing with the launch of single-serve Italian sauces under its Loyd Grossman brand. Backed by a £2.5m campaign, Loyd Grossman For One is available in Tomato & Chilli, Tomato & Basil, Puttanesca, Tomato & Smokey Bacon, Tomato & Roasted Garlic, and classic Carbonara. Premier Foods research found 41% of all household meals are now eaten with just one person present.

PizzaExpress Sauces (All About Food)

Launched: October 2010
Restaurant chain PizzaExpress expanded its existing retail range of pizzas and salad dressings into pasta sauces last month. All About Food said the launch made these the first restaurant-branded pasta sauces to enter the category, with four flavours Pomodora Basilico, Arrabiata, Amatriciana and Melanzane.

The idea, says All About Food, is to make it easier for PizzaExpress fans to recreate their favourite dishes in their own kitchen.

Has-to-be Pasta and the Italian One (Ella's Kitchen)

Launched: March 2010
Babyfood brand Ella's Kitchen launched its boil-in-the-bag pasta sachet Has-to-be Pasta in March, at the same time relaunching its pasta sauce The Italian One. The products, aimed at babies from seven months, are designed to encourage parents and young children to cook together from a very early age.

Dolmio Taste of Italy (Mars)
Relaunched: June 2010
Mars relaunched Taste of Italy in the summer, adding a variant and introducing a new look. Tomato & Chilli was introduced to the range, which already included Cherry Tomato & Parmesan, Tomato & Chianti and Tomato, Basil & Garlic. The revamp, backed by a campaign featuring rugby star Austin Healey, is designed to move the range away from its focus on Italian regions towards an emphasis on the ingredients and different flavour combinations.

Child’s play, Italian-style
Launching: January 2011
Pasta maker Garofalo has produced a study on the development of taste in infancy. Presented at the Salone del Gusto, it looks into how parents introduce their children to different tastes and types of food, while examining how this influences their diet in later years.

As part of its commitment to encouraging a balanced diet among the very young, Garofalo is introducing a new children's pasta range, Il Giostra dei Bambini in the UK in January, and hopes to launch new seasonal and Mediterranean-inspired recipes for children next year.

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