Guaraná Antarctica
Launched: April 2010
Guaraná Antarctica - a fruit-based drink with a massive following in its native Brazil - has been launched in the UK by distributor Fayrefield. The carbonated drink has an rsp of between 89p and 99p and is made from a fruit that only grows in the Amazon.

"With the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 and the Olympics going there in 2016, there has never been a better time to work with Brazilian products, especially the number-one Brazilian brand and official sponsor to the Brazilian national football team," says Fayrefield business manager Mike Coleman.

Reverend Berriman's
Launched: March 2010
Pentecostal minister John Berriman was struck by inspiration while sipping homemade cola and looking at a pile of homegrown chillies. "Why not mix the two," he thought and the St Ives-based Revered Berriman's brand was born.

The company produces three drinks cola, diet cola and sparkling apple all with a hint of chilli (rsp £1.20). "The first batch nearly blew my head off," says Berriman, "but it proved to me that chilli and cola flavours worked." The company sells in independent shops, cafés and delis in the south west but is in talks about wider distribution.

Launched: January 2010
The latest must-have fashion accessory is not a pair of designer shoes but a soft drink made by Los Angeles-based beverage brand Neuro Drinks. Available in four blends NeuroSonic, NeuroBliss, NeuroTrim and NeuroSport the drinks, which are said to offer "different benefits to the mind, body and spirit", are currently sold in Harrods, Selfridges and Waitrose (rsp £1.79).

NeuroBrands founder Diana Jenkins is bullish about the brand's chances of success in the UK. "We are confident the Neuro Drinks range will appeal to the savvy consumer looking for a sophisticated and functional drink," she says.

Lucozade Sport Lite
Launched: April 2010
The latest offering from Lucozade is low-calorie sports drink Lucozade Sport Lite. Available in two flavours Lemon & Lime and Summer Berries each 500ml bottle (rsp: £1) contains just 50 calories, a figure Lucozade Sport category development manager Teresa Smyth believes will help the drink drive millions of pounds of incremental category sales this year.

"Many people who exercise do not purchase a sports drink because of calorie content," says Smyth. "We developed Lucozade Sport Lite to meet demand for a low-calorie drink."

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