Health and convenience was key at FMI, although there were still the plethora of soft drinks and indulgent products for the less svelte American shopper. Nestlé showed Frothé, an instant coffee drink in flavours which included caramel cappuccino, latte and chocolate hazelnut mocha, which customers mix with hot water to produce an instant speciality coffee. Energy Brands launched a range of smart drinks called Vitaminwater. The low calorie drinks are vitamin and electroyle enhanced in 11 formulas in a 20oz bottle, including varieties such as Defense and Rescue. Its Glaceau Soywater has water with added soy and comes in strawberry-banana, pina colada and orange cream flavours. Company president J Darius Bikoff said: "Most new age beverages are high in calories and this is a low calorie alternative. We're creating a new space in the marketplace because this is truly an innovation." He added that he had signed an exclusive deal to supply Harvey Nichols in the US. Pepsi meanwhile showed off Pepsi Twist ­ lemon flavoured Pepsi in both standard and diet varieties after the company said studies found that 30% of diet cola drinkers added lemon to their drinks. Minute Maid announced its intention to take on Tropicana with the launch of its new not-from-concentrate product Simply Orange. The three varieties ­ original, pulp free and grove made ­ come in 1.75 litre plastic bottles and are refrigerated. It is being marketed with the strapline "as close to fresh squeezed as possible" and will be sold first on the East Coast before being rolled out nationwide. Alongside a variety of soy drinks, Cascadian Farm launched Organic Edamame ­ frozen soybeans in the pod to be eaten as a snack product. Kraft introduced a range of new products including Cottage Doubles ­ similar to Müller Fruit Corners with cottage cheese instead of yogurt, and processed fruit in a separate portion; the product comes in flavours including blueberry and raspberry in a 5.5oz pack. Its Philadelphia Snack Bars are individually wrapped cheesecake bars made with Philadelphia cream cheese, with flavours which include Chocolate Decadence' cheesecake and classic cheesecake. They come in boxes of six individually wrapped bars. Following on from the success of Oscar Mayer savoury lunchables, the packs have been launched in sweet flavours, which kids can make up using toppings such as icing and marshmallow creme. Flavours include fudge brownie and vanilla cookies. Another kids' product is Kool-Aid Magic Twists which are a soluble, flavoured powder which kids add to water to turn it a different colour. {{FEATURES }}