Sushi selection

Boots has recalled more than a dozen sushi lines over fears they may contain small pieces of metal.

The retailer said a manufacturing fault had affected two different date codes products and has recalled these as a precautionary measure.

The recalled products, which have either ‘use by 17 September’ or ‘use by 18 September’ printed on the side of the packaging, are:

  • Strand Super Duper Veggie Sushi 187g
  • Strand Super Duper Salmon Sushi 191g
  • Strand Super Duper Nigiri Sushi 232g
  • Shapers Salmon and Prawn Sushi Rice Salad 156g
  • Shapers Smoked Salmon Sushi main 118g
  • Shapers Hoi Sin Duck Sushi main 121g
  • Shapers Veggie Sushi main 115g
  • Shapers Sushi Mini Rolls main 186g
  • Shapers Sweet Chilli Chicken Rice Sushi salad 153g
  • Shapers Smoked Sushi snack 66g
  • Shapers Veggie Sushi snack 59g
  • Shapers Sushi limited edition 129g
  • Shapers Prawn and Salmon Sushi

Customers who have purchased any of the above products are urged to avoid consuming them and but return the product to Boots, where they will receive a full refund. No other Boots products are affected by this issue.