Aldi has withdrawn a meatloaf after it tested positive for horsemeat.

Aldi said it had been contacted by the FSA after a local authority found the Oakhurst frozen meatloaf to contain horsemeat.

“We are surprised and deeply disappointed at this news,” an Aldi spokesman said on Thursday (14 March). Its own DNA testing, carried out last month in accordance with FSA guidance, had tested samples of the product and found it to be clear of horsemeat.

The meatloaf has immediately withdrawn any remaining stock from stores.

“We will continue to test products and if we have any reason to believe the meat content is not correct, we will continue to act immediately in the interests of our customers,” the spokesman added.

On Wednesday Tesco withdrew its Simply Roast Meatloaf product after it tested positive for between 2% and 5% horsemeat.