Heinz aims to ensure that canned meals aren't left behind in the rush for convenience, with a strategy that includes a Manchester United licence among new children's products and football food' for young males. In the first phase, which kicks off next week backed by a £2m spend, the key signings are Cheezy Beans ­ which contains melting cheese, Manchester United pasta shapes in tomato sauce with or without chicken footballs, and Pokémon Yellow pasta shapes and mini sausages. All of these target mothers with children. Heinx said the Man Utd products would appeal to the team's 2.2 million UK fans aged four to 11 and would offer a "boy-oriented" alternative to Barbie pasta shapes. The Pokémon product builds on previous Pokémon variants and coincides with the launch of Nintendo's Yellow Gameboy. Four new Baked Beans Meals will also hit the shelves. In bolognese, chilli con carne, sausage casserole and chicken curry variants, these are positioned as "acceptable cheating" for mothers with children and as "football food" for young males. Heinz is also joining the wave of mainstream brands moving into organics, with organic versions of standard products, including baked beans and spaghetti, announced last month. Support will be tailored to individual customers. The second phase of the strategy, which Heinz admitted may involve brand rationalisation, will break in January. It will include a new three strong range of Pizzaghetti canned pizza toppings. {{P&P }}