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Product: Knorr bbq beauty and bbq beast

Unilever germany

Country: Germany
Successful new products need personality - something that the consumer can identify with. Smoothies brand Innocent, with its quirky package copy, represents one of the best-known examples in the UK.
Unilever Germany is also playing the personality game with its new range of seasonal table sauces linked to the tale of Beauty and the Beast.
Launched under the popular Knorr brand, the company has introduced BBQ Beauty and BBQ Beast, two completely opposite contrasts of flavours. While BBQ Beauty is touted as ‘heavenly creamy’ with a fruity, mild taste, BBQ Beast hopes to appeal to the opposite end of the taste spectrum, being flagged as ‘hellish hot’ and infused with a fiery, spicy flavour to appeal to the more adventurous consumer.
Fun products are not completely new in the table sauces market - for example, the brightly coloured EZ-Squirt tomato ketchup range from Heinz - but this is still a relatively untapped area of development.
The new products from Unilever Germany have been launched as a limited-edition line for the summer 2005 barbecue season, which also serves to illustrate the point that limited edition is no longer restricted to novel confectionery flavours.
This is a classic case of a marketing-driven launch, relying not on formulation or added benefits, but solely on the product’s name and package design.
Both of the newcomers are sold in 250ml glass bottles which are shrink-sleeved - the Beauty variety has transparent cloud shapes to reveal the creamy-coloured sauce within; while the Beast variant has a devil’s fork design to illustrate the dark, red-brown product.
Unilever Ice Cream and Frozen Food also drew comparisons between tales of fantasy and its food products with its Magnum ice cream range in 2003. The company applied the Seven Deadly Sins concept to the range with a host of ice cream flavour combinations to represent each sin, and later added Cornetto Love Potions.