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man kind tea
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David jago
editorial director,
Mintel's Global New Products Database
This month we focus on the inherent goodness of natural ingredients, a growing trend globally, but in this case applied to a largely untapped market
Many companies in the hot beverages market successfully target women, with products that offer indulgence in a healthy, or better-for-you formulation.
Products for men, however, are few and far between. Yet specialist company The Republic of Tea in the US has recently launched a product clearly geared to men.
Its Man Kind Tea is a blend of premium Chinese green tea with blueberries for men's prostate health. To underline its positioning, the company makes a donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation for every product purchased. That alone sets the product apart from most - while charitable tie-ins are not new, we have only previously seen men's health charities addressed via non-food products such as men's toiletries.
In this case the company is also suggesting that the product's natural properties may help prostate health, thus making a clear connection between the functionality of the ingredients and the charitable concern with which it is associated.
The health benefits of both green tea and blueberries are now well established, but this is one of the first times that we have seen inherently good for you food ingredients explained and promoted specifically to men, rather than to a more familiar market of health-conscious women.
The combination of green tea and the super fruit has presented The Republic of Tea with an ideal slogan, 'Green and blue, the good for you brew'.The tea also contains about a quarter of the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee.
It is available in an upmarket metal canister of 50 unbleached tea bags, priced at around $8.99. That may be a premium price but equates to 18 cents (about 10p) a cup - a reasonable price for a healthy beverage that promotes social responsibility.